Down Syndrome Family Connection
Down Syndrome Family Connection 10th Annual Buddy Walk®
Ollie's Allstars - Captain: Micah Heath
Please join our team and help us to raise funds for the 10th Annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Family Connection.  Thank you for your support and helping us to reach our goal.
My Donors
Maggie Harrell
Powell and Spellmeyer family
Ryan Heath
Alicia, Ali & Alaina Robinette
The O'Brien's
More Zen Less Dance
Jessica Monroe
Henderson-Partridge Family
Ami Armstrong
Fleenor and Yorks
Jamie Bruner
The Humbaugh's
Paflas Family
Friends of Flat Rock, IL
Pear Family
Jay Polley
Lisa Autry
The Williams Family
Ken Miller
Nan Plumer
Ellie Heath
Amy & Jeremy Ault & Family
Mariruth Brooke Armstrong
The Mickeys
Tuesday Night Ladies
Corrie Carnegie
Cortni Henry
Judy Heath
Susan Petty
Kathy Klosinski
Heather and Ty Miles
Bruner Family
Trent Anderson
Baumert Family
Erika Peek
The Crane Family
Dustin Matern
Kelli Hancock
Annie and Izzie
Beth Haeberle
Jena Hudson
Michelle Muzii
Lou Anne Mulry
Woodbury family
Becky Mungle
Best Chairs Transit
The Persos
Jarrod & Laura
The Hatfields
Mary Coy
Duzan family
My Registrants
Eastyn Humbaugh
Melanie Powell
Jaxson Bruner
Callie Powell
Judy Heath
Annabella Monroe
Rachel O'Brien
Jessica Monroe
Alaina Bruner
Fern Fleenor
Oliver Heath
Travis Humbaugh
Joe Duzan
Ami Armstrong
Norman Fleenor
Garry Duzan
Leslie Paflas
Jon Michael O'Brien
Kelli Hancock
Jason Pear
Jay Polley
Sophia Palfas
Christopher Crane
Ellie Heath
Harper York
Sarah Carnegie
Bailey Carnegie
Connie Spellmeyer
Kenn Coy
Isabella Strand
Mason Elkins
Kennedy York
Kelli Hancock
Jake Bruner
Tyler McKinney
Laura Carnegie
Donna Zerkle
Kyra Elkins
Tammy Crane
Jarrod Elkins
Stacey Heath
Beth Haeberle
Karsyn Humbaugh
Michelle Muzii
Carson Powell
Isabella Strand
Conner Duzan
Kayla Leighton
Autumn Humbaugh
Becky Mungle
Micah Heath
Jamie Bruner
Mary Coy
Corrie Carnegie
Glenn Heath
Debbie Duzan
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