Down Syndrome Family Connection
Down Syndrome Family Connection Annual Buddy Walk®
PBT Squad - Captain: Tuli Mukhopadhyay
Please join our team and help us to raise funds for the 11th Annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Family Connection.  Thank you for your support and helping us to reach our goal.

Welcome friends!

It is buddy walk time. Our captains have left elementary school and have hit the attitude years. Total payback for the angst their parents gave the grandparents! But don't worry, they are sweet and kind to all those not directly contributing to their chromosomal make-up.

Please do join us on Sunday September 23rd for an afternoon of fun, games, food, and excitement.

Bill, Tuli, Ava, and Sonia.


Team Registrants
Dipankar Mukhopadhyay
Carol Butske
Shelley Dieudonné
Sonia Butske
Tuli Mukhopadhyay
Ava Butske
Sarah Endris
Caleb Dieudonné
Gavin Stedge-Endris
Bill Butske
Ty Stedge-Endris
Jon Stedge
Dino Dieudonné
Team Donors
Dipankar Mukhopadhyay
Aadi and Aayush
Carol Butske
Aunt Jenny
Sarah Endris
Allison Jorden
Su-Jeong Kang
Paris King
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